Adam Burnier

Adam Burnier

Voice Part: Tenor

Hometown: I was born in Delaware, but grew up in sunny San Diego!

Occupation: I’m a character designer in animation. Shows I’ve worked on include Netflix’s Bojack Horseman and TBS’s Final Space.

Fun Fact: I can do a special kind of belly dancing, but only a select few individuals have ever seen me do it.

Dave Schmidt

David Gordon Schmidt

Tenor – with the OverTones since Day One.

Dave was born in a costume trunk at the back of a vaudeville theatre in Hackensack, New Jersey. Well, the details are a little hazy, but the Hackensack part is for sure.  Later raised in Dee-troit, and raised a family there, and raised a little hell there.  Been in the West 10 years. Profession: organizational change communications, mostly for big healthcare systems.

Besides making music, Dave makes clocks out of old LPs and other records, for fun and for friends.

Mark Henkin

Mark is a tenor from Austin, TX who has been singing in a diverse array of classical, a cappella, and professional music groups for 28 years.

When he’s not designing audio/video and control systems for universities in the U.S., he is usually spending his time traveling and camping with his lovely redhead, practicing for gigs, obsessing over saving for retirement, or performing.

Mark loves cats almost as much as eating, social awkwardness, making up lyrics, run on sentences, and having new experiences.

J Omer Shrem

J Omer Shrem

Voice Part: Tenor I

Hometown: Israel

Occupation: Production Coordinator.

Fun Fact: When I grow my hair a little longer, my friends call me Aladdin because apparently I remind them of him.

Chase DeLuca

Chase DeLuca

Chase has been singing tenor with The Over Tones since the start of 2017.

He’s a landlord extraordinaire, a computer consultant, CSUN Acasola co-founder, and unapologetic Star Trek fan. Like most Jewish people Chase especially enjoys singing Christmas music.

Chase loves to gloat that he can sleep in until 1 in the afternoon most days, but secretly wishes he were an early-riser.

Imran Goychayev

Imran Goychayev

Imran hails from Baku, Azerbaijan and is a composer and orchestral conductor. In The Over Tones, he is the Assistant Musical Director and sings tenor. Fun fact: he conducted an orchestra for the musical “Evita” at Western Washington University.

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