Brandon McCourt

Brandon McCourt

Brandon was born and raised in Cleveland, OH, and recently moved to LA to work as a data analyst at a software company. Brandon enjoys disc golf, video games, and playing music of course. He’s a bass and VP in The Over Tones.

Harry Hinzman

Voice Part: Bass

Hometown: Park Forest, IL

Occupation: I’m a retired engineer.

Fun Fact: I was born in the US but not in an actual state — I was born in Washington, DC.

Christian Solo

Christian Solo

Voice Part: Bass

Hometown: Palmdale, CA

Occupation: ​Technical artist (I make video games).

Fun fact: I watched a movie with Christopher Nolan once! He was sitting right next to me.

Doug Wilson

Doug is a television producer that originally hails from Buffalo, New York. In his spare time, there’s nothing Doug loves more than spending time with his two teenage daughters.

Brian Wold

Brian escaped northern Minnesota without much frostbite, but still can’t manage to watch TV shows that have snow in them. Instead, he works as a Web Site Consultant, plays beach volleyball, sings bass, and makes homemade limoncello.

Joey Kadin

Voice Part: Bass II

Hometown: Cooper City, FL

Profession: Imagineer

Fun fact: I encourage punning and terrible jokes. You’ve been warned.

Chaka Jaliwa

Chaka Jaliwa

Voice Part: Baritone, Bass, Vocal Percussion

Hometown: Los Angeles native!

Occupation: Outreach Coordinator at the California Science Center.

Fun Fact: All of my relationships since college have started at a karaoke bar…

Daniel Graves

Voice Part: Bass

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Occupation: Vocals and keyboards in an ever-morphing set of bands, and a computer database programmer, consultant, and trainer.

Fun Fact: I used to work for NASA on the Space Shuttle program. I’ve also done over 2,000 sport skydives.

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